Frameless Concealed Mounting

Made from our rugged CeramicSteel, Rapid is the toughest whiteboard on the market. Simple to install with totally concealed mounts and easy to clean with almost any cleaner, Rapid also comes standard with our Lifetime Warranty.

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Stress-Free Installation

Rapid is very lightweight, making for easy installation. Our fully concealed mounting system, a mounting template, and comprehensive instructions are included with each Rapid whiteboard.

With this system, all mounting hardware is hidden behind the whiteboard and totally concealed from view. Installation can be completed by two people using basic tools in only three steps. As your needs change, this mounting system also lets you easily remove panels and reconfigure them.

No-Hassle Cleaning

Thanks to CeramicSteel, you can write on Panls whiteboards with dry-erase, semi-permanent, water-soluble or permanent markers without damaging the writing surface. That’s right – even permanent markers won’t damage Rapid.

To remove markings, you can use glass cleaners, detergent solutions, scrubbing brushes, abrasive cleaners, and even acid-based solutions. Nylon scouring pads, steel wool or solvent-based materials like acetone, alcohol, or paint remover can also be safely used on Panls dry erase boards.

Durable and Functional

The core of Rapid’s clean aesthetic is its CeramicSteel dry erase surface material, miles ahead of melamine and painted steel with its impressive durability. Even glass dry erase boards can’t hold a candle to the toughness of our whiteboards.

In fact, you could literally hold a candle to any Panls dry erase board with zero damage because our boards are fire resistant! Rapid also resists scratches, chemicals, bacteria, graffiti and stains. Don’t stress about shipping – the CeramicSteel is tough enough to resist impacts too. You can't say that about a glass dry erase board.

Fully Magnetic

All Panls CeramicSteel dry erase boards are all fully magnetic by nature right out of the box, meaning you can keep using your favorite magnets on Rapid! No additional backing materials or special magnets are required.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Space

The Panls Rapid is available in two sizes 4'x4' and 4'x8'.

Clear Contrast & Detail

The Rapid dry erase board comes standard in a bright, neutral white for excellent ink to surface contrast. This surface provides clear contrast in any lighting and even resists glare so you can clearly see notes from anywhere in the room.

Glass dry erase surfaces can't compete. Without a solid background to write on, notes on a glassboard will appear fuzzy from just a short distance due to a subtle “drop shadow” effect that distracts from your written content.

Frameless Design

Every Rapid dry erase board is totally frameless and cut as a single piece of rugged CeramicSteel. The frameless design means Rapid can seamlessly blend with any room. More than just a whiteboard, Rapid is a functional design element for your office or meeting space.

Where to Buy

Panls whiteboards are available exclusively through our network of authorized distributors. We want you to have the best possible customer service and attention to detail, so we make sure all our distributors go through a strict approval process in order to carry our products. Buy with confidence only from Panls authorized distributors!

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Panls Forever Warranty

Every Panls dry erase board comes with our Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own the board. The CeramicSteel dry erase surfaces are designed to last at least 50 years, but your warranty won’t end there – it won’t even end if your board lasts more than 150 years! We’ll support your product no matter how long ago you bought it.

Tech Specs

Available Sizes

4x4ft • 4x8ft

Surface Type



23.23lbs • 46.78lbs



CeramicSteel Whiteboard vs Glassboard

The Panls Advantage

These days, many schools and businesses are switching to glassboards because of their looks – but when it comes to whiteboards, it’s never just about appearances. A whiteboard also needs to be functional. The CeramicSteel dry erase surface is a wonder material because it combines all these elements. It features a smooth, non-porous surface which appears very glass-like but is much more durable. With our frameless design and totally hidden mounting hardware on Rapid, this dry erase board is just as much a design element for your space as any glassboard, yet it’s much more functional.

  • Crisp Contrast, High Visibility - The Panls CeramicSteel dry erase surface provides some of the best contrast on the market – that claim can’t be made for glassboards. With a glass whiteboard, because the material is transparent by nature, you don’t get that sharp distinction between written ink and dry erase surface. This can make your notes appear blurry or fuzzy at only a short distance. With CeramicSteel, you get a smooth, solid dry erase surface that contrasts well with any dry erase inks in any lighting.
  • Low Glare Surface - Another major drawback of glass is the reflectivity of the material. This might look good as a wall hanging, but definitely won’t look good when you’re trying to present clear notes to a large group - your writing will get completely lost in the glare. Glass actually has two reflective panes, front and back, so any reflections on the material are amplified even further. The CeramicSteel isn’t totally resistant to glare and reflection, but every one of our finish options is less reflective than a glass whiteboard. In fact, CeramicSteel is 58.8% less reflective than glass according to an internal study.
  • Fully Magnetic - Glass is not a magnetic material by nature - in order to make a glassboard magnetic, you will need additional backing materials which can add weight and cost. Panls CeramicSteel dry erase surface is fully magnetic from edge to edge by nature, right out of the factory. There’s no additional materials, costs, or special setup to perform.
  • Shipping & Handling - Glass is a fragile material. Even the tempered glass used in glass whiteboards is much more fragile than a CeramicSteel dry erase surface. That means that glassboards must be shipped standing vertically to prevent damage, which can add a significant cost. Panls CeramicSteel whiteboards like Rapid are highly resistant to impact damage and can be shipped in any orientation with no special handling required.
  • Straightforward Install - Installation can be a daunting process for a glassboard. Glassboards are much heavier than CeramicSteel whiteboards so you’ll need more people to get them set up, as well as a stronger mounting system which can be more difficult to install. You’re also much more likely to damage a glass whiteboard during installation because of the extra weight. Panls CeramicSteel whiteboards address all these issues – they are extremely lightweight and can be hung by just two people, and every board includes detailed mounting instructions. With Rapid, you even get a mounting template which shows you exactly where to drill.
  • Safety - At this point, it should become clear that glass whiteboards have major drawbacks when compared to Panls CeramicSteel whiteboards. Panls whiteboards are much more lightweight and durable than glassboards – even if you do drop a Panls whiteboard, it likely won’t even get a scratch. That cannot be said for glass whiteboards. Even a minor drop can cause a glassboard to crack or, at worst, shatter into thousands of tiny glass shards which are dangerous and tough to clean up.

Rapid Whiteboard Applications

Rapid provides excellent value in a frameless, aesthetic package that's beautiful and highly durable thanks to the CeramicSteel dry erase surface. This surface is the flagship piece of all Panls whiteboards and is the main reason our boards are easy to clean, easy to install, and strong enough to last 50+ years. Rapid also includes detailed mounting instructions so you can get up and running fast and is backed by our standard Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own the whiteboard.

  • Interior Design

  • Architecture

  • Hospitality

  • Oil and Gas

  • Technology

  • Construction

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Sports

  • Finance

  • Military

  • Government

Where to Buy

Panls whiteboards are available exclusively through our network of authorized distributors. We want you to have the best possible customer service and attention to detail, so we make sure all our distributors go through a strict approval process in order to carry our products. Buy with confidence only from Panls authorized distributors!

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