Simple Frameless Standoff Mounting

Add a modern yet functional writing surface to any space. Featuring standoff mounting hardware, a frameless floating edge design, and our Lifetime Warranty, Limitless is designed to fit wherever you need it.

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The World's Most Durable Whiteboard

The Panls Limitless surface combines the best qualities of porcelain and steel to create our incredibly rugged CeramicSteel dry erase surface.

The result of this process is a smooth, high-contrast dry erase surface able to resist virtually all types of damage. You can run these whiteboards over, drop them, deface them with permanent markers or paint, burn them, scrub them, or even pour acid on them without any damage.

Easy Installation

Limitless includes our simple standoff mounting system, detailed installation instructions, and a mounting template for stress-free hanging on your wall.

Once mounts are in place, simply slide Limitless over the mounting studs and secure with the included caps, finished in appealing satin chrome. With this system, Limitless can be installed in only three steps and will appear to be floating off the wall.

Stress-Free Cleanup

Unlike other dry erase boards, Limitless can return to a factory-fresh look with just a simple wipe thanks to CeramicSteel. With the proper cleaning, you will never see any ghosting from old notes that were not completely erased.

For basic daily cleanings, we recommend wiping Limitless with a clean cloth and warm water or whiteboard cleaner. You can also clean Limitless with scrubbing brushes and a wide range of household glass cleaners and detergents. You can even use strong caustic or acid-based solutions without damaging the dry erase surface.

Magnetic from Edge to Edge

All Panls whiteboards, including Limitless, are fully magnetic from edge to edge right out of the box thanks to the CeramicSteel dry erase surface.

Design Focused

Our goal from day one was to create a durable dry erase board with a clean aesthetic that was also highly functional. Limitless is the result of our design process - a perfect fit as a school whiteboard or business whiteboard.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Space

The Panls Limitless is available in three sizes 4'x4', 4'x6' and 4'x8'.

Sharp Contrast, Crisp Detail

The Panls CeramicSteel dry erase surface is similar to glassboard surfaces in terms of the clean aesthetic, yet it offers much better visual clarity.

Forever Warranty

Limitless comes standard with our Lifetime Warranty – that’s not a baseless claim, it’s a truly unlimited warranty for as long as you own the whiteboard. Our whiteboards are designed to last at least 50 years, but we’ll support you with warranty service for as long as you need. Your dry erase board is still covered even if it lasts 100 years!

Where to Buy

Panls whiteboards are available exclusively through our network of authorized distributors. We want you to have the best possible customer service and attention to detail, so we make sure all our distributors go through a strict approval process in order to carry our products. Buy with confidence only from Panls authorized distributors!

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Tech Specs

Available Sizes

4x4ft • 4x6ft • 4x8ft

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32lbs • 50lbs • 66lbs



CeramicSteel Whiteboard vs Glassboard

The Panls Advantage

If you ask us, we’ll say CeramicSteel is the best dry erase material on the market. We’re not just saying that – we actually believe it’s true. CeramicSteel easily beats painted steel and melamine in terms of overall durability and resistance to scratching, and compares very strongly with glass dry erase boards. Glassboards are great to look at but they lack durability, crisp visual contrast, and an easy installation process. With Limitless, our goal was to make a whiteboard that looked just as good as glass with none of the drawbacks.

  • Excellent Visibility & Contrast - CeramicSteel is a smooth, non-porous surface just like you get on a glassboard. The big difference is the level of contrast between dry erase ink and writing surface. Glass is a transparent material – this significantly lowers the level of contrast. Any writing on a glass whiteboard will often appear blurred or fuzzy from a distance because of this. The CeramicSteel surface provides sharp contrast between marker ink and dry erase surface, regardless of the whiteboard’s surface color.
  • Glare & Reflection - Reflections and glare are some of the biggest frustrations for presenters using dry erase boards because they obscure information from the audience. A glassboard really has two reflective panes, one each on the front and back, meaning that any light hitting the board will reflect off both surfaces and make it hard to see any writing or projected images. The CeramicSteel is available in multiple finishes from high gloss to matte, all of which are less reflective than glass whiteboards.
  • Magnetic Properties - The CeramicSteel dry erase surface is essentially a piece of high-quality steel with a porcelain enamel surface fused to the front. This material has strong magnetic properties by nature – no additional backings or special magnets are required. A glassboard has no magnetic properties as standard because glass isn’t a magnetic material! Making a glass whiteboard magnetic requires additional backing materials which come at an added cost.
  • Shipping Cost - Panls CeramicSteel dry erase boards are durable - we’ve been over that already. Other than lasting for decades, this also means our whiteboards are easier to ship since they can stand up to the impacts and abuse involved in freight shipping. Glassboards actually require special shipping practices since they're much more fragile - they must be shipped standing straight up to prevent damage, typically at an additional cost to the customer. Panls whiteboards can be shipped in any orientation with no damage.
  • Installation - All Panls whiteboards including Limitless are extremely lightweight, making for easy installation. Each whiteboard comes with detailed mounting instructions which make it easy to get your board on the wall quickly with no frustration. The included standoff mount system on Limitless has only three steps to mounting and only basic tools are required. Glassboards are often much heavier than our whiteboards and require much more robust mounting hardware. At least three people are needed to safely hang a glassboard.
  • Safety - CeramicSteel won’t crack, split, or shatter when dropped, meaning you don’t need to worry about Panls whiteboards hitting the ground. With glass whiteboards, even a minor drop onto a hard surface can cause serious damage. In the worst case, a glassboard could shatter, producing thousands of tiny glass shards which are dangerous and difficult to clean up.

Limitless Whiteboard Applications

Limitless packs a ton of value into a lightweight package that’s incredibly durable thanks to CeramicSteel. Limitless is also highly magnetic from edge-to-edge so it won’t disrupt your flow when switching from a traditional dry erase board. It’s simple to install and includes detailed instructions so you’ll be ready to collaborate in no time. The easy-to-clean Limitless CeramicSteel surface far exceeds other whiteboard materials, giving you stress-free use for years to come!

  • Interior Design

  • Architecture

  • Hospitality

  • Oil and Gas

  • Technology

  • Construction

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Sports

  • Finance

  • Military

  • Government

Where to Buy

Panls whiteboards are available exclusively through our network of authorized distributors. We want you to have the best possible customer service and attention to detail, so we make sure all our distributors go through a strict approval process in order to carry our products. Buy with confidence only from Panls authorized distributors!

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