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First class equipment

"I purchased this board right after the pandemic started. I set it up in my home office in about 15 minutes. It was a life saver as I was able to use this daily during my Zoom calls with both employees and clients. Recently I moved it to my main office and I am able to move it around the office as we are currently utilizing different sections for our meetings in order to continue safe social distancing guidelines. It is super versatile as well as easy to clean. The markers glide so nicely on this board as you write it is amazing."

- Chris Todd on Sep 04, 2020

Simple Installation

Panls dry erase boards are much lighter in weight than alternatives like glassboards. That means Panls whiteboards are much easier to install. Every Panls board includes a mounting template and detailed instructions for a stress-free install. A typical install requires just basic tools and can be completed in only three steps.

Easy Cleanup

Unlike other dry erase boards, Panls boards can return to a factory-fresh look with just a simple wipe thanks to CeramicSteel. Need to remove something tougher? You can safely clean Panls whiteboards with scrubbing brushes, household glass cleaners, and even powerful acid-based solutions without damaging the dry erase surface.

Durability Above All

Panls dry erase boards are manufactured in the USA from high-quality CeramicSteel, the most durable dry erase material available. This ultra-tough material resists damage from scratches, impacts, fire, vandalism, and more. It's also fully magnetic by nature and allows for easy cleanup, even if you need to remove permanent marker or paint.

Forever Warranty

All Panls dry erase boards come standard with our comprehensive Lifetime Warranty which covers your product for as long as you own it. Lifetime truly means for the life of the whiteboard, and we’ll continue to support you no matter how long your dry erase board lasts. We’re behind you even if your whiteboard lasts over 200 years!

Our Products


The Panls Limitless whiteboard is a truly limitless platform for group collaboration. Our most popular option, you'll find it in classrooms and offices of all sizes and budgets.

  • Standoff mounts
  • Available in three sizes
  • Made from durable CeramicSteel
  • Resistant to impact, scratching and more
  • Easy to clean with almost any cleaner
  • Lifetime Warranty


Dash is our portable whiteboard, designed to be rolled around your space for on-demand collaboration. Housed in a mobile stand, Dash makes it easy to add a portable whiteboard to your school or business.

  • Mobile whiteboard
  • Dual-sided writing surface
  • Made from CeramicSteel
  • Easy cleanup with most cleaners
  • Fully magnetic
  • Lifetime Warranty


The Panls Rapid is our flagship model, featuring a sleek frameless dry erase surface and easy-to-install concealed mounting hardware. It's a great addition to any modern meeting space or university classroom.

  • Concealed mounts
  • Available in three sizes
  • Made from CeramicSteel
  • Resists virtually all types of damage
  • Easy cleanup with almost any cleaner
  • Lifetime Warranty

Sustainability for a Better Planet. Made from 66% recycled material

At Panls, we take every step we can to ensure our impact on the environment is minimized, from design and manufacturing to delivery and product lifecycle.

In working towards this goal, we use up to 66% recycled content in every Panls whiteboard. In addition, all our products support the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification system through our use of recycled content, low-emitting materials, and sustainable purchasing.

Where to Buy

Panls whiteboards are available exclusively through our network of authorized distributors. We want you to have the best possible customer service and attention to detail, so we make sure all our distributors go through a strict approval process in order to carry our products. Buy with confidence only from Panls authorized distributors!

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